About the Company

MERX is a furniture company with many years of experience in the domestic and world markets. Founded in 1993, the company consolidated the clear position of the leader in the furniture industry.

The main philosophy of MERX is "continuous development", which provides the opportunity to constantly update and improve the technical base and production resources. Based on a modern factory, MERX manufactures home furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, office furniture and HoReCa furniture and stores. MERX is also a reliable and stable importer of trading equipment, Italian furniture of well-known brands, and serves as the exclusive representative of the French factory Country Corner.
For today the dealer network of the company covers more than 60 branded salons MERX all over Ukraine. In addition, the MERX brand is represented in the countries of the CIS, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain, USA, Canada and Australia. This confirms that the products of the company are recognized and demanded in the world.

A well-adjusted logistics chain, optimized delivery and high-quality service ensure high customer loyalty.

Over 24 years of successful work, we have created more than 98,000 functional kitchens, 75,000 comfortable bedrooms, 60,000 practical living rooms and tens of thousands of prestigious cabinets; we have provided furniture to more than 16,000 successful business offices; besides, many hotels, bars, restaurants and shops are equipped with specialized furniture of our production.
During these years, we presented the joy and comfort of more than 400,000 families that MERX provided with high-quality and reliable furniture.

An individual approach to customers and a ready-made interior solution consolidated us into the positions of a leader who managed to change the perception of quality and to prove to the consumer that these furniture should combine comfort, design and reliability.

Our partners are only proven global brands that have a high level of consumer confidence and are recognized as the best in their segment.

MERX has repeatedly and deservedly won the winner of numerous national and international competitions. For example, for 6 years in a row, from 2008 to 2013, our furniture was awarded the International Choice Award.

MERX Company became the first Ukrainian producer represented at the largest international exhibition "ISaloni", which takes place annually in Milan, Italy. MERX cuisine has twice participated in Euro Cucine, which has been proud to show itself alongside leading European companies.

MERX is an experience and skill; it's prestige and comfort; it's emotions and pleasures that bring joy!