MERX production is a modern factory, which includes high-tech German, Italian and Austrian equipment. The factory produces home furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, office furniture and HoReCa furniture and stores.

Every year our factory processes more than 300 000 tons of lumber. We work with hard and durable wood such as alder and ash, which is carefully prepared for work in drying chambers. Thanks to the unique four-sided machine tool in Ukraine, we are able to handle more than 7,000 parts per day, high quality and precise sizes.

Paint and varnish materials we use, produced by Italian and Swiss companies. They are certified according to international standards and are safe for everyday use.

Thanks to the advanced technology, our countertops can work with such high-strength and complex materials as quartz. Quartz countertops can not be scratched, they do not absorb odors and liquids, heat-resistant and resistant to acids and solvents.

The feature of our production is a conveyor assembly of kitchens. This assembly is considered more efficient and reliable than manual. It allows you to eliminate possible errors and errors that can be assumed in manual assembly, which extends the life of the kitchen.

Roller painting is another advantage of the MERX production, since this method is more effective compared to manual, because it allows perfectly uniform application of paint on the finished product, avoiding possible patches.

Kitchens. Our products are 44 unique models made in classical, modern and even neoclassical style; with a palette of colors covering more than 80 shades, among which are both restrained pastels and bright, rich tones of "ruby", "menthol", "raspberry", etc. In addition, our kitchens - a variety of materials (wood, glass, ceramics, plastic, etc.).

Bathrooms.14 bright models, each of which represents a unique art object, original and exclusive, proving that even a bathroom can be an independent element of the interior!

Furniture for the home. We produce living rooms, bedrooms, walls, children's, home cabinets and armchairs, upholstered furniture, tables, chairs and exquisite furniture details. Rich choice of our furniture for home allows you to create a single interior solution, satisfying even the most demanding buyer.

Office furniture. MERX office furniture is furniture for both employees and elite offices of executives. The joint work of skilled designers and designers allows you to implement furniture orders for an individual project of different levels of complexity, to execute exclusive orders.

HoReCa Furniture and Stores. Our furniture is made taking into account the wishes of the customer and the interior features of the hotel, restaurant or other public area.

Thanks to the continuous improvement of the MERX technical base, our production is:

• International ISO standards.

• Modern, high-tech equipment.

• Advanced, unique technologies for the Ukrainian market.