MERX Furniture

Furniture MERX is a high quality and reliable, proven by years. Certified high-tech production in accordance with international ISO standards provides for the work only with proven global manufacturers of accessories, accessories and home appliances.

We work with natural, environmentally friendly raw materials and materials, so MERX is:

Facades of natural wood, which is dried and prepared for operation according to all norms and standards (which minimizes cracking). All patterns, carvings and decorative elements, presented on the facades, are made by hand for the highest standards of furniture production and are incredible beauty.

Low-grade formaldehyde emission factors for the E1-class high-density chipboard, class E1, are recommended for use in the manufacture of children's furniture.

Secure paint and varnish materials of Italian and Swiss manufacturers, certified for household use.

Functional desktops. Our countertops are a heavy quartz material. So, quartz countertops can not be scratched, they do not absorb odors and liquids, heat-resistant and resistant to acids and solvents. In addition, our company offers countertops of other high-quality materials, including acrylic and postforming.

Accessories for the Austrian (Blum) and German (Vauth-Sagel) manufacturers, through which the MERX cuisine is:

Minimum noise. Our boxes and drawers are equipped with built-in closing devices for silent operation of furniture.

Minimum strength. In our furniture we use AVENTOS lifting mechanisms and built-in shock absorbers BLUMOTION. These elements allow you to easily open even the heaviest facades and just as easily and silently to close them.

One touch. The bezel fronts are equipped with the electric SERVO-DRIVE opening system. Due to this system it is only necessary to touch the facade slightly and it will open smoothly.

More space. The CLIP top hinges used in the cabinets provide easy access to the contents of the cabinet. In addition, such loops allow the installation of facades of different heights, widths and thicknesses. Compatible with such fragile materials as glass.

Protection against water. Trays in the modules under the sink are made of aluminum, which protects the furniture from the negative effects of water and moisture.

Security. In all facades with stained-glass windows we use a safe glass fixing system that holds the glass firmly and firmly in the construction.

Strength. All shelves made of chipboard or glass are installed on a special sturdy armchair (with the height of the shelves you can regulate yourself).