Social Responsibility

Social responsibility for MERX is a successful work in harmony with society and the environment. Yes, the company's policy is based on four principles:

We care about reputation

Our reputation depends only on our work, so we adhere to moral principles and conduct a business that is based on respect and care, which is undoubtedly an important part of the company's success.

We are responsible for quality

We control the quality of the materials we work with. Natural wood, high-grade chipboard, and safe paintwork materials from Italian and Swiss manufacturers confirm that we really are responsible for the product we manufacture.

We are thinking about the future

Compliance with all rules of production and use of the latest technologies allows minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

We help!

From 2013, MERX supports the annual charity "Chestnut Run" sports and charity. MERX acts as a sponsor of the Humans' Teams, caretakers, courageous and strong people who, despite their problems, go out every year to help and support children with congenital heart disease.

These principles are a priority vector of MERX, regardless of circumstances and conditions; this is our contribution to a modern and socially responsible society.